Skin Care Tips


Here are some products that i use on a regular basis. *from left to right* Burts Bees Deep Cleansing cream, Fresh Soy face cleanser, Fresh Rose face mask, Clarisonic MIA2, tea tress face wash, Lush Plum sugar lip scrub, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Evive Oil

Here are a few tips that I thought you guys could use. These are things I do regularly and swear by! Also, I am in no way a beautician or qualified to give actual facial advice, this is just my own knowledge.

enjoy xx

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Toronto Eats: The Starving Artist

The Starving Artist at St Clair and Glenholme had the best ambience. We walked in and I felt very comfortable and somewhat hype. The music was so great, I can’t even lie I was jamming the whole time. This is great for fun lunch or breakfast with friends or family.

The Waffle focused restaurant offers a crazy good menu. There were so many options and they were all so different. I went with the Chicken Bacon Waffle which had chicken and bacon (obviously), havarti cheese, cucumbers and their secret sauce. It came with a side of fresh fruits and a salad. It all tasted very fresh and very good. I would definitely go back!  Rate:  ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ / 5

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Things I love about my City


Hey guys! As you probably know by now, I live in Toronto, Canada. I moved here 4 years ago and I’ve gotten to try all sorts of new things and great restaurants! Here is a list of reasons why I love toronto and a few of my favourite things about it.

Hope you enjoy xx

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*disclaimer, this is an incredibly long post*

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So It’s that wonderful time of year, Course Selection season is upon us kids! This year is incredibly hard because what ever I pick in the next 2 weeks will determine where grade 12 and post secondary years will take me. I’ve been checking out Universities for about a year now and I’ve just discovered that I need an Advanced Functions and Calculus credit!! Keep in mind maths is definitely not my strong suit!

so wish me luck my lovelies,

Heres to the beginning of an interesting journey


The People Trump Donald Trump

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On January 21st, I witnessed history  (or should I say Herstory) being made! Along with 60,000 people in Toronto I went to the Women’s march in Toronto. Seeing all those powerful men, women and children fighting against the discouraging comments and gestures made towards women was truly empowering. It really restored my hope for the modern day society.

This day was one for the history textbooks and I am so grateful for being in a world where i can fight for myself and the generations to come.