4 ways to stay productive during exam season

4 ways to stay productive during exam season

After 6 months of keeping busy and focusing on school, I am finally back on my blog. It’s exam season once again and I’m sure most of us aren’t quiet ready. Today’s post is all about productivity and trying to reduce procrastination! Here are a few tips and things that I like to do while preparing for an exam.

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Trying to live your best life this year?

Trying to live your best life this year?

Welcome to my first post of 2018! Now that the first 2 weeks are over I can officially say that I see good things for this year. I have not managed to come up with a set list of resolutions but my main goal is to stay happy and healthy.  This year I want to see what I’m capable of doing. I’m just trying to live my best life because if you’re not living your best life, what are you doing?

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A Year in the Life of Rurutatyana.com

A Year in the Life of Rurutatyana.com

Happy new year! I hope everyone has enjoyed this holiday season.

For the sake of lil personal update: This month has been a time of reflection for me. I’ve been thinking a lot about where I am, where I’m going and how I’m going to try to get there. I’ve focused on loving my mind, body and soul. Therefore, I’ve tried to only focus on things that bring positivity to me. If someone had told me that seeing the good in everything was as tiring as it is, maybe I wouldn’t have done it. But the reality is that not everything is perfect and I’ve had to really find those positive aspects. This past year I have worked incredibly hard to be where I’m and I’m very happy with that.

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Tips on Creating your personal brand

Tips on Creating your personal brand

Your personal brand is how people see you, this may be online or in real life. Either way, it is incredibly important because the way you are perceived goes a long way. Under no circumstances am I saying to make yourself look, behave or think differently. I cannot stress enough how individuality is important. Your personal brand is made up of who you are, what you believe in and what you love. When you share these things with the public it allows them to relate to you and express interest towards your brand.

Having a brand is all about staying true it. Many online personas tend to lose what they stand for when companies start to dictate their roles. It is KEY to remember that there are tons of people on this planet and the only thing that differentiates us, is our personality. So be sure to stay true to yourself.

Self-expression is such an important concept. When you get to share your views and opinions with an interactive audience, you learn lots of new things. When you are at the point where you’re scared to share your points of view then you’ve gotta remind yourself that your opinion matters. I find myself refraining from writing particular posts because I felt as if people were going to think that it is strange. But now all I can say to myself is that it doesn’t matter what people say. If they wanna hate it, let them !! Be your own person !!

As you’ve probably noticed by now. Building your own personal brand is all about being yourself. You can only change yourself into a better version. No one should even bother with trying to be somebody else.

What is my personal brand?

Ruru Tatyana is obviously my name, but it’s also my brand. I use my blog to express my thoughts and opinions. I find that having a blog has let me venture into who I am. I have had to look into different post ideas, and I’ve since discovered tons of blogs that are incredible. I try to keep my content original but I can’t help but be inspired by the immense amounts of amazing content that is out there.

Other than my blog, I am someone who believes in self-expression, happiness within the simplest of things and not over complicating situations. the positive parts of life always have a larger impact than anything negative. I have learned that dwelling on the sad things that happens does not take as you could go if you focused on the greater things.

That’s who I am, just a girl who doesn’t know whats next but I am willing to sit through the long wait to find out.

Things to ask yourself when trying to brand yourself

  • What am I really passionate about?
  • What do I believe in?
  • What can I do to help the people around me?
  • What are my goals?
  • How can I achieve my goals?
  • Who can I ask to help me achieve those goals?

So who are you? and what is your brand?

3 Places I Want To Visit

I genuinely believe that travel is one of the best things one can possibly do. A good friend once told me” Travel is the one thing you pay for that can truly change your life.”I honestly couldn’t agree more. I have managed to compile a list of my go-to places and a small blurb of what I would do if I went. Hopefully, this inspires people to head out and try something new!

* Please keep in mind that none of these photos are mine, there were all found from various websites*

South Africa

South Africa has been at the top of my list for an incredibly long time! Not only is it stunning and rich with history and culture, but it is also home to some of my best friends. We have already come up with a little plan of all the places we are going to go to. Obviously, the first thing we want to do is hike up Table Mountain and take in the beautiful view of the cape. If we are still up to it, we may even try and conquer Lion’s Head as well. The peaks of those two mountains are the ideal spot for a little picnic lunch and chill. Another place we would go is The Kirstenbosch Garden. Kirstenbosch is a beautiful Botanical Garden located right next to Table Mountain. We would then take a day to travel through the Garden Route to George in the Western Cape province. We will visit the vast beaches that bring stunning views and make for the best road trips. Finally, one of our final destinations would be Hermanus. Hermanus is the whale watching capital of South Africa. It’s located just south of Cape Town, also in the Western Cape Prov. as well.



Amsterdam has been one for those cities that I’ve just been longing to learn more about. I have been to Amsterdam before, but I don’t think a 7-hour layover counts as actually seeing the city. If I were to go, it would be canal tours galore !! I cannot stress how many Amsterdam travel vlogs I’ve watched, but one thing that has stood out is that the canals are absolutely stunning. The restaurant scene looks pretty great as well. As a person who could honestly eat for a living, I would love to try out lots of different restaurants. In all honesty, I think that food and trying different meals is incredibly necessary when it comes to getting to know an area. The restaurant culture is also very diverse, so no matter where you are, your experiences will differ.


Spain is one of those places where you just HAVE to go. I know lots of people who have been and absolutely loved it. Even though The beaches of the Southern Coast are stunning id love to visit the mountainous parts of the North.  Although the Catalan Region has been experiencing significant differences with Spain, I would still love to visit it.  One of the places I would go is Park Güell. It is located on the top of the Carmel Hill in Barcelona. The park is filled with lots of greenery and of course beautiful architecture. The buildings are decorated with colourful glass bits, which place emphasis on their red backgrounds. The second place I would visit would be Alcázar of Seville. Alcazar of Seville is a royal palace that was built in the 16th century. In 1931 it was declared a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) World Heritage site. The Palace is filled with fountains and arches that mimic the 1700s art.  Lastly, I would visit Alhambra Palace, another gorgeous place.  The red palace is located right next to Granada, a city in Spain. It is located at the top of a hill, and the most recommended method of transport is by foot so that you can take in the artistic aspects.


Thanks so much for reading! I hope this has inspired you to go out and travel! Travelling doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars to go across the world. You can learn by even travelling to different places around you.

Hope you enjoyed

XX Ruru T



My Skincare Routine

My Skincare Routine

This beautiful hot weather is the best way to end summer! I could not be happier. The additional glow the sun gives us all, just makes everyone look so great. But without the proper skin care, my skin would be run to the ground with the uck and grossness sweat leaves behind. This post is all about the products I use and my routine. Hopefully, this can help you curate your own skincare routine.

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For a Pretty Penny Vol. 2 // New York Cafe

For a Pretty Penny Vol. 2 // New York Cafe

Hey Loves! Welcome back to the Second post in my “For a Pretty Penny” Series. Sorry, it has been so long. I was incredibly busy during the month of August. I just got back from camp, and have been trying to readjust to city life and school. I hope to be posting more regularly during the school year. So please bear with me while I get back into my groove.

Welcome back to the Second post in my “For a Pretty Penny” Series. This time around I’m here to talk about a totally slept on cafe/restaurant, The New York Cafe It’s right on the corner of Broadview and Danforth. It is the holy grail of great and cheap meals! They make amazing breakfasts and lunches (I’ve never been there for dinner but I’m sure that would be just as good) New York Cafe is perfect if you’re super hungry but don’t want to pig out at McDonald’s and also don’t want to spend more than $15 on a meal. They’ve got a great Tea/coffee/juice and eggs, sausage, toast and home fries meal for only $5!!! You couldn’t even get that good of a deal at Tim Hortons! They’re open from 7 am to 10 pm so there is lots of time during the day to drop by. Bring some friends and enjoy the friendly, chatty atmosphere. Take a stroll through Greek Town afterwards and get to know your city!

Catch ya next time 🙂

Ruru T