Book review: My top 3 Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie faves

Happy New Year! I know its almost the end of the month, but as long as its January I’m sure I can get away with it. These past few months have been incredibly busy and i haven’t been able to write. My goal this year is to really make an effort to write more. I figured a good way to start off this year, would be to share my 2018 favourite books!

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has definitely been my favourite author for a couple years now. In 2018 I made an effort to read as much as I could and of course I made sure I had my fair share of Adichie.

Americanah, Purple Hibiscus and Half of a Yellow Sun were my favourite reads of 2018. I wanted to share my these novels as I believe that everyone should read them!


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Americanah is about a young Nigerian woman who migrates to America due to political hardship in Nigeria. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie shows us the ins and outs of Ifemelu’s childhood, her experience as an immigrant and her love life. Adichie also uses this novel to debunk the idea of the ‘American Dream’. Many people aspire to move to the opportunity driven America but they realize it’s not as easy as it seems upon arrival. 

I loved Americanah because of how Adichie depicts the life of an African immigrant in America. Adichie writes about a couple controversial dynamics within America. For example she writes about the stance of the non American Africans vs African Americans and where they stand in American society. I relate to very many of Ifemelu’s experiences and thoughts. Adichie includes a great amount of humour in this novel and it makes it an incredibly easy read.  

This is a great read if you enjoy a bit of romance and social commentary!

Purple Hibiscus

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A riveting novel about a wealthy Nigerian family that doesn’t have it all. The children face an absurd amount religious intolerance and when they are exposed to a life without their abusive father, all things changed.

This novel is from a young girls point of view. She’s curious yet is held back by the pressure of impressing her father. She has many questions but fears asking them. Until she goes on a life changing trip that opens her eyes to the true essence of life.

A massive take away from this novel is that wealth does not always lead to happiness. Happiness is something that one initiates by living in the moment.

Adichie has the ability to tell a story and make her readers feel as if they too are in the novel. This is one of my favourite books because it was an easy yet thrilling read. I specifically enjoyed reading it when I was in need of some quiet time.

 Half of a Yellow Sun

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Half of a Yellow Sun is a politically driven novel that depicts the life of a young family in Nigeria while the 19– civil war takes place. As Biafra fights for independence the citizens of Nigeria feel uncertain. Will they announce another coup? How long will the uprisings continue for? Is it safe for children? Where will we go when out towns are torn down? Tension builds as all of these questions are posed.

This captivating novel introduces us readers to a Nigeria that is not often written about. I enjoyed reading this novel because I had not learned much about Biafra’s fight for independence. Adichie uses vivid imagery to set the setting and she uses sensory appeal to draw you further into the novel.

Adichie is great for people who love to feel fully emerged in a story. Her ability to pull you in is impeccable. She is also great at depicting the lives of African (mostly Nigerian) people.

Thanks for reading! hope you enjoyed.

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xx Ru


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