My New York City Tips

Just 2 weeks ago I posted about my trip to New York City. Although I gave you a rundown of what we got up to, I wanted to follow up with sharing things I wish I knew before going. As a first time visitor, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I learned the basics through people that had already been but there were things I didn’t learn until I got there. These are tips that could help you save time and money! We all know how valuable those two things are, especially when you’re on vacation.

There are no added taxes on retail items

In Ontario, the HST (harmonized sales tax) is a whopping 13%. This often adds quite a bit of money onto the cost of clothes, shoes and other retail goods. In the state of New York, the sales tax is combined with the price of the item. When I found that out, I may have gone crazy. I genuinely didn’t want to stop shopping. At the time, the exchange rates were not too high, so a little splurge was an option. While I was there, I bought a pair of Old Skool Vans for $60USD ($77.64CAD). If I had bought them here they would’ve been $90.40CAD. So you really do save some of your coin!

Ubers in NYC are expensive

As an Uber addict, I have to admit that I definitely hoped in a couple ubers while I was in the city. One thing that took me by surprise was how high the costs were. In Toronto, the average Uber ride is between $10 – $25CAD.  Most of my rides in NYC ranged from $40 – $60CAD. I genuinely don’t understand how a 15 minute ride could possibly cost that much. Another thing to keep in mind is that Uber hikes its prices up on Sundays to encourage more drivers to get on the road. This can be incredibly inconvenient, and frustrating so consider yourself warned. All in all, if you’ve got time to walk or subway take the subway, I’d suggest doing so. It also such an amazing city so you’d be missing out on the NYC vibes if you were stuck in the back of an uber.

Food can get hella pricy in Manhattan

My first meal in Manhattan was a simple burger and fries. In Toronto, you can get that meal for about $12 – $18CAD. In Manhattan, it totalled to $27USD for just a Burger and friessss. Food has never been cheap in Manhattan so I don’t know what I was expecting but I suggest taking a look at menus and price lists before determining where to eat. Most restaurants have got menus by the main entrance, and it does hurt to take a glance.

Make a reservation for every restaurant, if possible

A lot of the restaurants we tried to go to were super busy and pretty packed. A lot of them have small spaces so they fill up pretty quickly. There were times we would have had to wait up to an hour and I am not about that life. It doesn’t take too much effort to just call in advance and secure yourself a seat at the table. Sites like Open Table allow you to make reservations really easily.

Obviou,sly I am no New York City expert, but these are just a few things I wish people I had told me before my trip.

But in the meantime, I hope you’ve enjoyed my lil tidbits.

xx Ru


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