Weekend Away in New York City

Although my birthday was 3 months ago I figured I’d share the exciting things I got to do. This years birthday was extra special! A couple friends and I flew to New York City on the weekend before my birthday. While planning this trip I made sure to watch as many youtube videos and read as many blogs as I could. I really wanted to know what there was to do and see. I’m also a sucker for restaurants so I spent a lot of time looking into where to get good food. Taking a look at what other people did when they visited the Big Apple was super helpful.

This post is basically just one big recap of the weekend we spent in NYC. I’ve included the restaurants we ate at, the places we went and even the cost for somethings (just to give you an idea of how much you’d need).

Day 1 – Friday May 4th

We were up and at the airport by 6:00am for our 6:45am flight. We flew with Porter and getting through Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport was effortless! It took us about 10 minutes to get from the main entrance to the departure lounge.

The flight is only 45 minutes long so we were in the city in good time. Flights from Billy Bishop land in Jersey’s Newark Liberty International Airport. Since Newark is a fair distance from nyc, we had to hop on a train to New York Penn Station. The tickets are $13 usd per person and the ride is just over 20 minutes long.

The hotel we stayed at was the Innside New York by Melia. It’s in the heart of Chelsea and is near lots of great restaurants and busy spots. Not to mention, it’s right next to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) so you’d definitely get see some super trendy students.

Once we dropped our bags off at the hotel  we immdiately  went on the hunt for a good brunch spot. We walked down to Soho and we headed to a restaurant called Jacks Wife Freda, but we were definitely not feeling the 45 minute wait. As we walked up Lafayette St, we walked past a restaurant named Soho Park . I got a really good burger and a side of fries. Apparently their veggie burger is A1 too! The vibes at Soho Park were fun and chill. The servers were all incredibly friendly and they were all willing to help out. The only downside is that it’s incredibly expensive. I spent just over $30 cad on my meal, definitely not worth $30.

After getting something to eat we made it our mission to shop! Soho has so many stores, it’s crazy. My favourite part was definitely going through the Topshop. As most of you probably know, in Canada Topshop only has a little section in the Hudsons Bay . Seeing it as a whole store by itself was AMAZING. We also noticed that all the stores in NYC were so much bigger than they are in Toronto.  After shopping for about 6 hours, we were all super exhausted so we decided to slowly make our way back to the hotel. Instead of heading back out and eating at a nice restaurant we decided to grab some classic New York Pizza. For 99¢, you could never go wrong!

Day 2 – Saturday, May 5th

Saturday was our glam day. We dedicated a solid 2 hours to getting ready that morning. A full face of makeup later, we headed out for brunch! We met up with some of my family from the states and ate at the Citizens of Chelsea. There weren’t many options on the menu but we made it work. I got the Brekkie Sandwich with a fried egg, tomato chutney, and arugula. The food and service were both stellar! The space is fairly limited, so it gets packed really quickly. If you’re going to go on a weekend I would suggest booking in advance.

After brunch, we headed straight to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). Every time someone I know goes to New York they always have amazing things to say about MoMA. It was even more worth it after finding out that people 16 and under got free admission! On our way there, we got the chance to figure out the subway. I was genuinely amazed by the fact that there were so many trains and so many different routes. I don’t know how the locals manage to memories which trains got where. I could barely keep up when the lady at the help desk was explaining it to us.

After MoMA, we walked through Central Park to the Upper East Side. While walking through the neighbourhood we realized there is an Ulta in the area. Ulta is great because they sell a bunch of brands that Sephora doesn’t carry (e.g. Morphe, MAC, LA Girl and Makeup Revolution). I loved how diverse their products are.

After the Upper East Side, we hopped back on the subway and went down to NoHo (North of Houston) and went to the insta Famous ice cream joint, Stuffed Iced Cream. They’ve got loads of creative flavours to choose from. It took us forever to decide what to get.


Day 3 – Sunday, May 6th

This was our last day in New York! The weather was a little chiller on this day, but I was lowkey happy because I really wanted to wear my I.AM.Gia Pixie coat. We headed to Sanctuary T for brunch and it was nice and quiet. We didn’t have any issues getting a table which was a nice change. The service was great and there were lots of options to choose from! They also specialize in teas and tea flavoured ice creams. If you’re ever dropping by be sure to try them.

After brunch, we made our way back to the hotel and rushed to Penn Station. We were afraid of missing the train to Newark but we made it with 2 minutes to spare! The trains are pretty punctual so I would suggest making it to the station 10 – 15 minutes before the departure time.

Getting back to Toronto was quick and easy. Newark Liberty International is a pretty small airport so it’s easy to navigate. There aren’t many options for food at the departure lounge so I’d suggest grabbing something to eat before arriving at the airport.


New York City is absolutely beautiful and I am so happy I got to see what the city has to offer. I definitely did not get see enough of it so I’ll have to go back sometime soon.

Thanks for reading!

xx Ru




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