4 ways to stay productive during exam season

After 6 months of keeping busy and focusing on school, I am finally back on my blog. It’s exam season once again and I’m sure most of us aren’t quiet ready. Today’s post is all about productivity and trying to reduce procrastination! Here are a few tips and things that I like to do while preparing for an exam.

Give yourself breaks

There is no point burning yourself out! Give yourself a study break every now and then. Some people may choose to work for 45 minutes, and then break for 10  minutes and others may choose to work for 30 and then break for 5. There are so many options but it’s important to keep yourself on track. Breaks can be very distracting. I suggest doing things that don’t require too much energy, and ones that don’t let you slack off. You’ve gotta make sure to keep up the momentum that you had going.

Another great form of taking breaks would be dedicating a couple days to yourself. Lounge around and chill, or even go out with friends. Not everyday has to be a study day. Give yourself time to enjoy life.

Change up your study spaces

I personally cannot stand staying in the same place for hours and hours every time I study. I try going to different libraries, coffee shops and chill spots. This way I can keep studying exciting. Many people find it difficult to study in cafes. It’s mainly because of all the music, talking and motion but I think having an endless supply of food and coffee is worth all the commotion.

Organize your notes

Studying and organization go hand in hand. If your notes are sorted out then your study sessions should be a breeze. I like to keep my notes in binders just so that they aren’t all over the place. I’ve also got two subjects in one binder so that when I finish studying for one, I can segway into the next.

Study with peers

Find a group of people who are working at the same level as you and review the course content together. It’s really important that the group isn’t too social because you’ll get distracted fairly easily. I find that having people to bounce questions and ideas off of is also really helpful. Working with other people can also hold you accountable for time and productivity! If you’ve got a determined group / partner they will motivate you to work more and harder.

Best of luck to everyone! I hope that this years exams aren’t too stressful.

xx Ru


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