Tips on Creating your personal brand

Tips on Creating your personal brand

Your personal brand is how people see you, this may be online or in real life. Either way, it is incredibly important because the way you are perceived goes a long way. Under no circumstances am I saying to make yourself look, behave or think differently. I cannot stress enough how individuality is important. Your personal brand is made up of who you are, what you believe in and what you love. When you share these things with the public it allows them to relate to you and express interest towards your brand.

Having a brand is all about staying true it. Many online personas tend to lose what they stand for when companies start to dictate their roles. It is KEY to remember that there are tons of people on this planet and the only thing that differentiates us, is our personality. So be sure to stay true to yourself.

Self-expression is such an important concept. When you get to share your views and opinions with an interactive audience, you learn lots of new things. When you are at the point where you’re scared to share your points of view then you’ve gotta remind yourself that your opinion matters. I find myself refraining from writing particular posts because I felt as if people were going to think that it is strange. But now all I can say to myself is that it doesn’t matter what people say. If they wanna hate it, let them !! Be your own person !!

As you’ve probably noticed by now. Building your own personal brand is all about being yourself. You can only change yourself into a better version. No one should even bother with trying to be somebody else.

What is my personal brand?

Ruru Tatyana is obviously my name, but it’s also my brand. I use my blog to express my thoughts and opinions. I find that having a blog has let me venture into who I am. I have had to look into different post ideas, and I’ve since discovered tons of blogs that are incredible. I try to keep my content original but I can’t help but be inspired by the immense amounts of amazing content that is out there.

Other than my blog, I am someone who believes in self-expression, happiness within the simplest of things and not over complicating situations. the positive parts of life always have a larger impact than anything negative. I have learned that dwelling on the sad things that happens does not take as you could go if you focused on the greater things.

That’s who I am, just a girl who doesn’t know whats next but I am willing to sit through the long wait to find out.

Things to ask yourself when trying to brand yourself

  • What am I really passionate about?
  • What do I believe in?
  • What can I do to help the people around me?
  • What are my goals?
  • How can I achieve my goals?
  • Who can I ask to help me achieve those goals?

So who are you? and what is your brand?