For a Pretty Penny Vol. 1 // Morning Glory Cafe

For a pretty penny

Hey loves! As mentioned in my last post, I want to show you guys a few hidden gems in Toronto. While trying to brainstorm some ideas, I came up with a little series. It is called “For a Pretty Penny”. I’m basically going to look into finding good but cheap places for you to get your money’s worth. So many things in Toronto are super expensive. If you’re not careful, you can EASILY find yourself going well over your budget. If you’re like me and don’t want to pay crazy prices, I gotchu.

To start off this series, I’m going to introduce y’all to Morning Glory. It is a quaint little cafe on King St East just east of Trinity street. It’s also right in the middle of a great neighbourhood. The Corktown area / Distillery District is great to walk around and explore. The lakeshore is only a few blocks south as well. At the cafe, it isn’t too busy. So, you’re almost guaranteed a spot on. But, just in case I’d give them a call just to make sure they’ve got a table for you on Saturdays and Sundays. It is a relatively small space, so tables are limited. They’ve got a pretty wide selection of breakfast sammies, and I hear their breakfast burritos are bomb as heck. I recently went there to treat a friend for his birthday. I ordered their french toast with a side of fresh fruit (as per usual), and it was great. The ambience is friendly, and their staff are the absolute sweetest! Last but not least, their prices are fantastic! I paid just about $20 for a 2 person breakfast. When I usually go for brunch, it tends to total up to $18 just for myself. So if you’re looking to get a bang for your buck, Morning glory is for you.

If you know of any places and would like to suggest a few, don’t feel shy!

Hope you enjoyed

Ruru T



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