Summa lovin’

Happy summer Ladies and Gents! wow, this year really just flew by! I cannot bare the fact that it’s already July.  It has been a busy month. Most students out there understand that June struggle that we all go through.  But 6 exams and 7 projects and an essay later, here I am done and free to do whatever!! I haven’t been able to sit and write for a while because my mind has been all over the place.  I am so grateful to have all this wonderful time off of school though. I definitely cannot complain about getting 2 months off. but YIKES I happen to have landed myself a spot in summer school for this month. I am not hating it though, It gives me an excuse to get the heck outta bed and not watch Prison Break all day.  For those that know me, you know my capability of staying cooped up at home when given the chance. But now that I am relaxed and super pumped for a summer of blogging and sunshine.

For me, This summer is all about figuring myself out. My whole life I’ve lived a very catered to life. My parents have decided almost everything for me and I am starting to understand myself for a change. I am working on what I like to call “Self Empowerment”. By that I mean, I am going to start to treat myself. I feel as if when I take care of myself, I walk away much happier than if someone else does it for me. I also just make sure set time to do things that energize me and make me my best self. Things like going to the gym, running, swimming, chilling at the park or getting ice cream, these are definitely things I like doing with friends but I am completely happy if I have to be alone. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting quality time with yourself. I have also started meditating. The story behind this is actually hilarious; One morning before school I was in a real huff. Everything that happened pissed me off within seconds. I left my house 20 minutes late and when I got to the streetcar stop the TTC did the absolute most and made sure everyone remained late. I then called an Über. Once it arrived I immediately felt relieved. I had a great convo with the spiritual, kind-hearted and uplifting driver. He asked me about why I was in a such a bad mood. That caught me totally off guard as I tried very hard to seem pleasant and happy. I told him what had been on my mind and he replied with ” Do you meditate” and first thing in my head lmao NAH! I didn’t get it. But he talked me through the necessary steps to peace of mind and I tried it out every morning after that. Meditating has actually centered me soooo much. I am much less stressed now and I am not as tired. Meditating also allows for you to take that much-needed break before going to tackle the crazy day ahead. What I do in the mornings is sit up in bed, close my eyes, and breathe in for 6  seconds, hold for 2 then release for 6 and hold for 2. I do this for about 10 minutes BEFORE going on my phone.

As well as all of these things, I want to post a lot more this summer! I want to focus on Toronto centered topics, just to give those people who haven’t got a clue of where to g I also want to start to talk about how things are going as I seem to love to share about my life on here.

Anyway, Stay well loves

Ruru T

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