Finally on getting the Cardio train

Oh, my… when is Toronto gonna finally transition into full summer mode? these past few weeks have been so wishy-washy it’s insane. Last week’s weather was honestly a Kenyan girls dream! The weather was just verging on about 30 degrees and it was super sunny. I, of course, had to take full advantage of the beautiful weather and I went on a few runs.

*I want to start off by saying that if you are working out. It is so important that you are working hard for how you feel not necessarily how you look. Although it is defiantly a plus, you are always happiest when your body is happiest…*

Running has honestly never been my fortΓ¨… Anything cardio is a huge no in my books. But sometimes I just have to give into the fact that weight training isn’t everything. As I ventured into a new spectrum of exercise I realized so many things. Running is so great for stress relief. I had a bit of a stressful day earlier this week and was feeling super tired, tense and overall drained. The thought of going anywhere except for my bed seemed impossible. But I managed to drag myself back out the house and met up with my current workout buddy. Running with a friend is also so much fun, you get to catch up, vent, have crazy convo while also pushing each other to do better and work harder. If you find yourself in a weight room more than on a track like me, then this next one is for you. Cardio is pretty great for burning excess fat. So, if you know your abs are there, and you can feel them but there’s a lil bit of somethang covering your progress? Cardio’s gotchuuuuu. (I find the fact that everyone probably answered no to that and I’m the only one experiencing that kinda funny.) Finally, if you’re someone who has trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, I have realized that the more cardio I do the better I sleep. Obviously, I am not an expert and I can’t say that whatever I experience will happen to everybody else but these are things I found were pretty amazing as I began to run more.

Things I’ve always got with me while working out

  • My brand new Marika waist trimmer ( contrary to popular belief.. this is actually a great product. It helps you sweat out water weight and minimizes bloating and is fantastic for posture. This is a neoprene band that you wrap around at your desired tightness and it does not squeeze/ cause discomfort)
  • Lemon or cucumber water. Adding some fruit to your water is just so much more refreshing and makes hydrating way more fun!
  • Adidas cropped leggings: For some reason these leggings make me feel incredibly fit. Love working out in these.
  • Nike Dri-fit visor: This is the newest addition to my collection and It’s currently my fave. Idk what it is about it but it makes me feel like some next athlete.

Alsooooo, There’s no such thing as a run without a lil mini photo shoot when the suns beaming o whatever! So I’ll definitely be featuring some pics with my running buddy/photographer/part-time best friend?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Feel free to like and comment and let me know what you guys think! its super helpful to get your feedback and it helps me decide what kind of things to write about πŸ™‚

*excuse my sun kissed greasy face… but like, i’m low key glowingggg*


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