Exam SZN 2k17

Hey y’all! As the school year nears an end, the workload and pace are definitely picking up. If you find that you’re easily distracted or that you really just can’t get the hang of studying here are some helpful tips. Exam season is only stressful if you aren’t prepared. Get yourself ready and motivated to ace it this year!

Not even gonna lie, I am a pro at procrastination. I find it really hard to get into the study ready mood but once I’m in it I get lots done. Most times in order for me to get into it, I’ve gotta change-up my location. Sitting in your room all day gets very boring very quickly. Try out your local coffee shop, bookstore or library. Lately, I’ve been trying out the new coffee shops my neighbourhood and I’m also on the hunt for the perfect study spot on the UofT campus.

Before I give you guys my tips and tricks… I want to mention that it is so important to create a schedule that will work for you! If you happen to be pretty social, mark days for you to chill and go out but make sure to also block off days for studying. I have chosen about 5/6 days that I am going to do nothing but study and work on summative assignments. It’s a bit of a pain in the backside having to decline all the tempting plans but it’s super beneficial.



You honestly don’t need your music to study. I must admit that I am guilty of using music as a way to focus but if anything it’s more distracting. Instead of focusing on when world war 1 started your thinking about how the Migos track has mad bars. Your phone being on also allows for soooo many distractions. The second someone snaps you, you’re going to forget all about what you’re supposed to be studying. So phones off! it’s also good to separate yourself from social media so you can concentrate

#2 Put in place a reward system

The more you study the more you get out of it. Give yourself a reason to keep on working hard. It may be eating a gummy bear for every chapter you read or you could reward yourself an episode of whatever show for every hour you spend studying. But be sure not to let your brain go into Netflix mode until you’re done studying.

#3 Start studying early

If you start studying the week before your first exam you’re up for a lotta stress. Cramming has been proved to be incredibly ineffective by thousands of studies. So just don’t do it, spread out your study time over a month or so. Even reviewing small bits at a time before a huge cram session would help a ton.

#4 Focus on one major Subject a day

If you’re studying for both Math and History on the same day you’re gonna confuse the heck out of yourself. You should select different days for different subjects or units. This way you can put all your knowledge and efforts into something specific.

#5 Flashcards // Rewriting notes

Every year I type up my notes just to refresh my memory and to have a digital version to refer to. I find this very helpful because as you type you basically review that section. If you’re not one to spend several hours typing up notes you may want to consider going through notes and writing some flashcards. All you would need is the important info such as important events, dates, equations, names, and places.


This one is more of a “during the exam week” tip, but I cannot stress enough how important sleep is for the exam season. If your body is exhausted you will not absorb all that you need to. Make sure to get a good 8-10 hours of sleep and do not pull any all-nighters!

Hopefully, you guys find these tips useful!

Best of luck for the next few months


Ruru T


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