Skin Care Tips


Here are some products that i use on a regular basis. *from left to right* Burts Bees Deep Cleansing cream, Fresh Soy face cleanser, Fresh Rose face mask, Clarisonic MIA2, tea tress face wash, Lush Plum sugar lip scrub, Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Evive Oil

Here are a few tips that I thought you guys could use. These are things I do regularly and swear by! Also, I am in no way a beautician or qualified to give actual facial advice, this is just my own knowledge.

enjoy xx

  1. My Clarisonic is my life! I use it 3 times a week but if I wear face make up I’ll always use it after using make up wipes. ย I do this because it really gets into your pores and gets all the make up off.
  2. Don’t wear make up everyday! As fun as putting make up on is, it’s good to let your skin breathe! Just like everything else on your body your face needs to be bare and clean for a while.
  3. Weekly face masks are blessed! They can clean out and moisturize your face in just minutes. There are some super cheap drug store ones that are fantastic! I use the Shoppers ‘Life’ brand peel off and sheet masks. They’re about a dollar each and work million dollar wonders.
  4. EXFOLIATE! However you choose to do it, Clarisonic, face scrub, face towel just do it! It is so good to get in there and get all that dirt, oil and old make up out. This step is crucial if you’re prone to acne and breakouts.
  5. Steam, steam and more steam! All you need is a bowl, hot water and a towel.It’s so simple and quick. Steaming sweats your face out and opens up your pores. This will almost always give you the most gorgeous glow!
  6. *If you have dry skin* use an oil on your face after you wash your face at night. Your face will soak in the moisture over night and your skin will be perfect by morning!
  7. Lip scrubs and a good lip balm will save you!! I’ve been using the lush sugar lip scrubs for a while now and I’m loving them. I also use The Smiths Rosebud Salve lip balm, this is the best lip balm I have every used. I’ve use it multiple times a days for almost 3 months now and it hasn’t run out. It has also SAVED me this winter. My lips chap easily in dry weather but this year they stayed pretty smooth

Thats all I’ve got guys! hope you enjoyed this post, and hope you get to try out some of these things

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