Things I love about my City


Hey guys! As you probably know by now, I live in Toronto, Canada. I moved here 4 years ago and I’ve gotten to try all sorts of new things and great restaurants! Here is a list of reasons why I love toronto and a few of my favourite things about it.

Hope you enjoy xx

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*disclaimer, this is an incredibly long post*

Why TO?

Reason no. 1

The Toronto skyline is absolutely stunning! I live downtown and this is the view I get to look at each and every day. Although in the winter we don’t get as majestic sunsets we get to see the snow fall and cover the city with a white blanket.

Reason no. 2

Toronto has so many different types of neighbourhoods that all have their own story. Toronto is really a city that caters to everyone. If you want a nice fancy brunch you can go to Yorkville then next time you want to try something new a trendy you can go to Ossington. Not only does Toronto provide us with diverse restaurants but Toronto allows for  ethnic enclaves like China town, Greek town, Little Italy and Little Portugual so that immigrants can maintain they’re culture and cuisine and share it with millions of others.

Reason no. 3

There is so bloody much to do here! There are malls, parks, restaurants, gyms, salons, you name it! I find that when the weathers nice I never have to make actual plans with people. We just meet up and pick a direction to walk in, the first thing we see we do. It’s so great to be able to just walk and find something different on every corner. Being from Kenya, I was so shocked when I realized how much freedom there is and how many options there are.


Things to do and Places to go




The Distillery Market

The Distillery is one of my favourite parts of Toronto. There are a great variety of restaurants and shops, there’s an ice cream shop and cafe. The Distillery is most famous for their Christmas Market that takes place each year toward the end of november. It is a time when people get together and walk though the market. I have gone every year since moving here. I have a lot of memories and going back each year reminds me how much I’ve achieved. I also tend to go with my closest friends and as I look back, I see how my “squad” has changed through the years.





Kensington Market

The kensington Market is a great place to go to if you really like vintage, cheap and old school things. I personally love walking through it in the summer because of how authentic and vibrant it is. All the local graffiti artist have a dedicated alley not far from  the market called The Graffiti Alley. The bright colours are absolutely stunning and breathtaking.


The Brickworksimg_6006

The brickworks is an old brick factory that was big during the industrial period. It has been recreated into a nature and educational attraction for both tourists and locals. There’s a trail that would be nice to walk through on a hot summer day because you can hide away under the shade of the trees.



Yorkville is on of my favourite Torontonian neighbourhood because I love how trendy and elegant it is, but It is definitely a very expensive area. I find that yorkville is the Rodeo Blvd of Toronto. All the high end stores lined up one after another, there are lots of big fancy signs and gorgeous store front displays.

The Toronto Islandsimg_6002

The Toronto Islands are a cluster of 18 man made islands near Torontos harbour front.There is a petting zoo, amusement park, beach, school, airport and it is also a residential area. It is a 5km walk from one point of the islands to another, so that would be a nice walk for those of you who enjoy long walks. but as I mentioned there is also a beach that has a nice south facing view of Lake Ontario.


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